Why Should My Child Take Music Lessons?

Unlike virtually any other discipline, Music Lessons integrate the mind and body together in order to create a unified whole. The academic benefits of this discipline is that kids learn impulse control, organizational skills (often called executive function), and how to see a project from start to finish. From a social perspective, kids learn how to communicate and listen. For example, children to take our Bedford Music Lessons develop their listening skills, become better at self-expression, and develop confidence in their abilities to exchange ideas and feelings.

Why Take Lessons Through Maestro Musicians?

Unlike other local schools, we develop a personal relationship with your family. It is very important to us that students are not just taken care of by our instructors, but by our administration as well. We want to make sure that whatever your goals and needs are, we can be a successful part of them. How do we do it? From the moment that parents inquire about our Music Lessons, we make it a point to really get to know your child and pair him or her up with the instructor that will help your child to reach his or her maximum potential. We also follow up with parents after the first lesson and then, during 6 month intervals, to make sure that you are having the BEST experience in town.

How Old Does My Child Need to Be to Take Music Lessons?

We have successfully taught kids as young as 3! As a rough guide, kids are usually ready to start piano between the ages of 4.75-7, violin between 5-7, singing from 8 and above, and guitar from 8 and up. These are not "set in stone" and there are definitely exceptions to the "rules"! Contact us to find out more and we can advise!

How Many Music Lessons Take Place Per Week?

Most kids take one lesson per week, but occasionally, some parents ask for two. We advise that kids take two lessons if they are practicing well at home and very enthusiastic. Our Young Maestros Program also includes two lessons per week.

What is Your Philosophy?

At the Maestro Musicians Academy's Bedford Music School, we believe that ANY child can enjoy music. We are not a "crack the whip" type of institution but we do have high standards. We balance our high standards with fun and motivating instructors who bring out the best in our students' capabilities of self-expression.

My Child is Not Talented. Can he/she Still Sign Up?

We do not have an entrance exam. Our only criteria is that students are engaged to want to continue and we strongly believe that "not having talent" doesn't exist. Everyone has the ability to appreciate and make music. Sometimes it just takes finding the right instrument or instructor to bring out what is on the inside.

What Kind of Music do You Teach?

Although most of our instructors are formally trained in classical style, they are very open to teaching other genres. We often teach Disney, pop, rock, and musical theater songs to students.

What is Your Trial Period?

Many times, parents are not 100% sure if their child is ready for lessons. Balancing that fact with the need to give music lessons a good chance for a few weeks, we offer a trial period. The way it works is that if for any reason things are not working out for the remaining weeks in the month you started, we will refund the remaining tuition or switch instructors. From the 1st of the next month, the trial period ends.

Do You Conduct Background Checks on Staff?

Yes. All of our Bedford Music Teachers are CORI checked every 3 years and we also run national checks upon hiring. We also have a security camera in the lesson room for added safety.

Where Do I Get an Instrument?

Depending on what your child plays, we will have a different answer. Contact us and we can advise where to rent or purchase!

Want to Learn More?  

We are always happy to help you. Request Info below!

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