Bedford Piano Lessons for Kids Taught by Inspiring Piano Teachers Near You!

Bedford Piano Lessons

What will your child will learn in his/her first year?

- Where to put the fingers on the keys

- How to read music
- How to play short songs
- How to play music from a page

Within one year, kids also have the ability to perform in one of our recitals on stage in front of a supportive audience!


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Here are the Top Benefits to Taking Bedford Piano Lessons at the Maestro Musicians Academy:

Bedford Piano Lessons

1. Piano Lessons in Bedford and Piano Lessons Near Bedford!

In addition to teaching students in Bedford, MA, children come to our Bedford Piano Lessons from the surrounding towns of Lexington, Carlisle, Burlington, Lincoln, Concord, and Billerica. We also proudly serve military families on Hansom Air Force Base.  Ask About our 5% Military Discount!

2. Piano is One of the Best Instruments for Beginners

Many times, parents are not sure what instrument their kids should learn. This is particularly the case with younger children. Unless a child shows a distinct preference for a particular instrument, we typically advise that parents sign up for our piano lessons as a first-step, since the layout of the keyboard is more "beginner friendly, compared with other instruments." Also, compared to learning other instruments, with piano, you also don't have to worry as much about posture when creating a pleasant sound.

3. No Piano? No Problem!

Thanks to amazing advances in modern technology, you can now purchase relatively light-weight keyboards that have all 88 keys for a fraction of the cost of a regular piano. For a beginner, this is more than adequate, as long as the keys are weighted (they have the ability to make louder and softer sounds). Ask us about the models we recommend!

4. Many Days and Times to Choose From

If you are looking for Piano Lessons Near Bedford, between our Bedford and Lexington locations, we are able to offer piano lessons every day of the week - but act quickly because spaces fill up fast during peak enrollment seasons!

5. We are a Trusted School in Your Community

Our school is often referred to new students by local public school music teachers and has served hundreds of Boston area families with music lessons since 2010. Our instructors are chosen for their expertise, supportive rapport with children, and their passion for music is contagious. We also run 3 separate background checks on all teachers.




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