Bedford Guitar Lessons Near You

What Are Our Guitar Lessons Like?

Kids who take our Bedford Guitar Lessons get individualized one-on-one attention from instructors who teach a variety of styles, ranging from pop, to classical. In their first year, children will learn basic chords so that they can strum along to their favorite tunes. They will also learn how to read music and learn the technique needed to grow their unique musical voices, one note at a time.


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Here Are Some Benefits to Signing Up for Our Bedford Guitar Lessons!


Bedford Guitar Lessons Near You

1. Kids Learn Music They Know and Love

Because the guitar is such a versatile instrument, there are so many songs that can be played just through the process of learning some basic chords. The most popular songs are usually the ones that you can sing, and if your child has a specific request, we can teach it!

2. Guitar Lessons in Bedford, MA

You don't want to drive far for your child's lessons, and we don't want you to either. That's why we have brought our amazing and talented instructors to YOU! Many parents in surrounding communities, such as Lexington, Burlington, Concord, Billerica, Lincoln, and Hanscom Airforce Base are searching for Guitar Lessons Near Bedford, and if you live in one of these communities, we are just a short drive away - often under 10 minutes!

3. Top Educators Who are Great With Kids

In our hiring process, we make sure to only hire Bedford Guitar Teachers who have a demonstrated track record of interacting well with kids. We know that the rapport between the student and teacher is a make-it-or-break-it, and we make it our entire mission to foster this important relationship.

4. Trial Period - Up to One Month!

When you sign up your child for our Bedford Guitar Lessons, he/she immediately gets entered into a trial period. What this means is that if there is any reason why you don't feel like our program is right for you, we'll refund you any unused lesson credits from what's left of the current month. This is a great way to try us out without getting locked into a long-term contract!

5. We Can Help You Find an Instrument

Many parents don't know where to start! Whether it's electric or acoustic, we have recommendations as to where you can find a decent quality guitar that is the right size. Contact us to find out more!


Not sure if your child is ready for lessons yet? No problem! We offer a trial period with month-to-month enrollment so you have very little to lose. 

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